Westcott Backgrounds Price List

This following information was updated and correct as of 12/16/2013, 1112 Central Time but is subject to change immediately thereafter without notice.

Our# Manu# Description Price   Stock Info Inquire
WSB104 417N PhotoKit DigitalGreenScreen 98.00   Notinstock Inquire
WSB099 7005 Carrying Bag f/MuslinBackgrounds 24.95   Notinstock Inquire
WSB106 130 PhotoBasic BackG' 9x20 GreenScreen 129.00   In stock Inquire
WSB048 5702 Muslin Background 10x12 Athens 132.00   s/o Only Inquire
WSB012 5703 Muslin Background 10x12 Helsinki 132.00   s/o Only Inquire
WSB049 5704 Muslin Background 10x12 Canberra 132.00   s/o Only Inquire
WSB014 5706 Muslin Background 10x12 Charcoal Gray 132.00   s/o Only Inquire
WSB015 5708 Muslin Background 10x12 Light Gray 132.00   s/o Only Inquire
WSB016 5717 Muslin Background 10x12 White 132.00   s/o Only Inquire
WSB025 5718 Muslin Background 10x12 Black 132.00   s/o Only Inquire
WSB047 5719 Muslin Background 10x12 Executive Gray 132.00   s/o Only Inquire
WSB050 5730 Muslin Background 10x12 Seashell 132.00   s/o Only Inquire
WSB051 5732 Muslin Background 10x12 Blue Surf 132.00   s/o Only Inquire
WSB052 5734 Muslin Background 10x12 Spring Bouquet 132.00   s/o Only Inquire
WSB053 5736 Muslin Background 10x12 Cayman Green 132.00   s/o Only Inquire
WSB054 5738 Muslin Background 10x12 Poreclain Blush 132.00   s/o Only Inquire
WSB017 5741 Muslin Background 10x12 Moonlight Clouds 132.00   s/o Only Inquire
WSB018 5746 Muslin Background 10x12 April Showers 132.00   s/o Only Inquire
WSB019 5747 Muslin Background 10x12 Storm Clouds 132.00   Notinstock Inquire
WSB024 5748 Muslin Background 10x12 Red Granite 132.00   s/o Only Inquire
WSB055 5760 Muslin Background 10x12 Light Pastel 132.00   s/o Only Inquire
WSB056 5762 Muslin Background 10x12 Hazel Pastel 132.00   s/o Only Inquire
WSB020 5763 Muslin Background 10X12 Sage Green 132.00   s/o Only Inquire
WSB057 5764 Muslin Background 10x12 Gentian Blue 132.00   s/o Only Inquire
WSB058 5765 Muslin Background 10x12 Heather 132.00   s/o Only Inquire
WSB026 5766 Muslin Background 10x12 Bracken Brown 132.00   In stock Inquire
WSB045 5769 Muslin Background 10x12 Costa Brava Blue 132.00   s/o Only Inquire
WSB022 5808 Masterpiece 10X24 Light Gray 220.00   s/o Only Inquire
WSB046 5608 Masterpiece 10X24 Charcoal Gray 220.00   s/o Only Inquire
WSB078 5847 Masterpiece 10x24 Storm Clouds 220.00   s/o Only Inquire
WSB079 5865 Masterpiece 10x24 Heather 220.00   s/o Only Inquire
WSB098 5866 Masterpiece 10x24 Bracken Brown 220.00   s/o Only Inquire
WSB105 5769 Washable Muslin 10x12 Costa Brava Blue 132.00   In stock Inquire
WSB030 5781 Washable Muslin 10x12 Smoke Gray 132.00   In stock Inquire
WSB031 5782 Washable Muslin 10x12 Midnight Sky 132.00   Notinstock Inquire
WSB032 5783 Washable Muslin 10x12 Autumn Red 132.00   In stock Inquire
WSB033 5784 Washable Muslin 10X12 Espresso 132.00   In stock Inquire
WSB069 5680 Collapsible Backgr' 5x6 2in1 StormCloud/Gentian 205.00   Notinstock Inquire
WSB070 5681 Collapsible Backgr' 5x6 2in1 AprilShower/Heather 205.00   Notinstock Inquire
WSB071 5682 Collapsible Backgr' 5x6 2in1 BrackenBrown/LightGray 205.00   In stock Inquire
WSB072 5683 Collapsible Backgr' 5x6 2in1 HazelPastel/Athens 205.00   s/o Only Inquire
WSB073 5684 Collapsible Backgr' 5x6 2in1 CostaBrava/Canber 205.00   In stock Inquire
WSB074 5685 Collapsible Backgr' 5x6 2in1 Black/White 205.00   In stock Inquire
WSB103 1103 BackgroundStand f/Collapsible Backgrounds 89.95   In stock Inquire
WSB112 6772 Collapsible Background 6'X7' Black/White 252.00   Notinstock Inquire
WSB108 5501 Vintage Background Onyx 99.95   Notinstock Inquire
WSB109 5502 Vintage Background Pasha 99.99   Notinstock Inquire
WSB110 5503 Vintage Background Reagency 99.95   Notinstock Inquire
WSB111 5504 Vintage Background Ornate 99.95   Notinstock Inquire
WSB114 5506 Vintage Background Kingsley 99.95   Notinstock Inquire
WSB115 5505 Vintage Background Bissbee 99.99   s/o Only Inquire
WSB116 5510 Vintage B/G Harmony (Blue) 99.99   Notinstock Inquire
WSB117 5512 Vintage B/G Chantilly 99.99   Notinstock Inquire
WSB119 579K w/Stand System GreenScreen B/G 119.95   Notinstock Inquire
WSB121 577K with Stand System White B/G 119.95   Notinstock Inquire
WSB120 578K with Stand System Black B/G 119.95   In stock Info Inquire
WSB130 579 B/G only GreenScreen 56.00   In stock Inquire
WSB129 578 B/G only Black 56.00   In stock Inquire
WSB128 577 B/G only White 56.00   In stock Inquire
WSB122 576 B/G only Quarry 56.00   In stock Inquire
WSB123 575 B/G only Slate 56.00   In stock Inquire
WSB124 574 B/G only Mist 56.00   Notinstock Inquire
WSB125 573 B/G only Serenity 56.00   In stock Inquire
WSB126 572 B/G only Saphron 56.00   In stock Inquire
WSB127 571 B/G only Eminence 56.00   Notinstock Inquire

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